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Nadex, in conjunction with education provider Trade With Precision, is hosting a series of live webinars to help educate both new and established customers on Nadex contracts. Traders will learn how market analysis coupled with risk management principles can be applied to create a strategy to trade Binary Option and Bull Spread contracts on Nadex.

These live webinars offer an interactive forum in which questions are encouraged and immediately answered by a moderator. This is an excellent opportunity for participants to get a glimpse of Nadex’s products and platform as viewed by a professional trader.

Wednesday, November 9, from 1:30 to 2:30 CST

Live Swing Commentary - This course will provide traders with alternative methods for swing trading using Nadex Binary Options and a technical view into what is driving prices in today’s markets across a range of index, forex and commodity contracts offered by Nadex. This live market commentary will focus on multiple aspects of swing trading: how traders can use longer term patterns in the underlying market and how to translate those patterns into a game plan for trading Binary Options.

Additional topics covered during this webinar will be:

  • Key charting levels and patterns to be watching in the days and weeks ahead
  • Looking at the overall market picture as a means to executing a longer term trade
  • Market scenario’s and set-ups and how traders can utilize Binary Options under these conditions
  • Understanding and management of risk and reward
  • Selecting the right contract to trade
  • How you can start trading on Nadex today

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Thursday, November 10, from 7:00 to 8:00 CST

Introduction to Binary Options - This webinar will provide a basic introduction to Binary Options and will discuss the mechanics for trading them using Nadex’s proprietary platform. Whether you are new to trading Nadex products or have some previous experience, this interactive webinar is a great way to learn more about Binary Options. Additionally, the webinar will give you the opportunity to ask whatever questions you may have of the live moderator.

This webinar will cover the following topics:

  • Introduction to Binary Options
  • The benefits of trading Binary Options
  • Market scenario’s and set-ups and how traders can utilize Binary Options under these conditions
  • Understanding and managing the risks
  • Trading scenarios with a directional bias

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Webinar archive

This is a selection of the webinars Trade With Precision has recorded with Nadex. Click below to catch up on any of the sessions you may have missed, any time you want.

Name of webinar Duration  
Swing Trading Strategy Session 57 min View
Intraday Strategy Session 59 min View
Live Market Commentary and Strategy Session 63 min View
Unique Trading Opportunities Using Bull Spreads 53 min View
Using Binary Options for Unique Trading Opportunities 70 min View

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