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Economic and Political Events

You can trade Binary Options on a range of events on the financial calendar.

Economic Events

The economic events markets that are available on Nadex are listed below, along with the relevant source agency responsible for announcing the expiration value of the underlying market.

Nadex Market Underlying Market Source Agency
Fed Funds Rate Target Fed Funds Rate FOMC
Jobless Claims Jobless Claims Department of Labor, ETA
Nonfarm Payrolls Nonfarm Payrolls Bureau of Labor Statistics

Political Events

Nadex has filed a request with the CFTC to offer Binary Option contracts on specific political events. The request is currently under review.

We intend to offer contracts on the following exciting markets:

  • The 2012 Presidential election
  • Majority control of the U.S. Senate
  • Majority control of the U.S. House

For more information on these contracts and the CFTC review process, please contact us.

Binary Options

Each instance of the Nadex markets listed above may have a specific expiration date/time and settlement date associated with it. A range of different strike prices will be offered according to the details of that particular event.

For general information on trading Binary Options, please see the Binary Options section. For specific details on all the Binary Options available on Economic Events, please see the Contract Specs tab on this page.

Economic Events: Contract Specs

Please ensure you understand how our products work before entering into any transaction.

  • All times are given in ET
  • Trading hours are subject to holidays
  • There are no speculative position limits for any Binary Options on Economic Events*

Binary Options

Binary Options are listed as follows. For all Binary Options, the Tick Size is 1 and the Tick Value is $1. The Minimum Increment is 0.25. The Strike Width will vary according to the expected conditions.

Duration Expiration Settlement Date Possible Strike Widths No. Contracts Trading Hours
Fed Funds Rate Open 5pm, business day before 1st day of scheduled FOMC meeting Last day of FOMC meeting 0.25% 3 Mon, 3am-5pm; Mon-Th, 6pm-5pm; Th-Fri, 6pm-4:15pm
Jobless Claims Weekly 8:25am, day of the ETA release Day of the ETA release 2,000, 5,000, 10,000, or 20,000 5 Mon, 3am-5pm; Mon-Th, 6pm-5pm; Th-Fri, 6pm-4:15pm
Nonfarm Payrolls Monthly 8:25am, day of the Bureau of Labor Statistics release Day of the Bureau of Labor Statistics release 25,000, 50,000, 75,000, 100,000, or 150,000 5 Mon, 3am-5pm; Mon-Th, 6pm-5pm; Th-Fri, 6pm-4:15pm

*Speculative position limits define the maximum aggregate position that any individual can hold or control in any particular class of contract. For more information, please refer to Rule 5.20 and the specific product rules in the Nadex Rules.

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